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Solar Eclipse

Total solar eclipse over Illinois Aug. 21, 2017!

On August 21, 2017, the Land of Lincoln will enjoy its moment under the eclipsed Sun!

Only the southernmost region of Illinois will experience the full effect of the eclipse, but the state has bragging rights for the longest duration of the total solar eclipse along the entire path (if only by a tiny whisker over Kentucky).

These days, eclipse calculations are extremely precise. Not only are the best ephemerides for the motions of the solar system bodies used, but precise topographical models of the Moon are employed to discern which lunar valley or low point will pierce the Sun’s disk early or late to affect the precise duration of eclipse. These calculations indicate the very longest duration will be at 37.568 degrees North latitude and 89.1029 degrees West longitude. Near this spot is a name that warms the heart of eclipse chasers: Blue Skies Vineyard.

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