5 Reasons to Stay at a Unique Owner Operated Lodging

5 Reasons to Stay at a Unique Owner Operated Lodging

Perhaps you’re starting to plan your vacation, and you’ve begun looking into lodging possibilities. While a hotel may be the first choice that pops into your head, why not make your lodging a more direct aspect of your getaway? After all, bed & breakfasts are vacations in themselves! Continue reading for a list of the top five reasons you should choose a Owner Operated Lodging: 

Atmosphere- You won’t find any cold, impersonal, uniformed rooms at an inn! B&Bs are specifically designed for comfort, accommodation, individuality, and a general feeling of a home away from home.

Food- While some hotels offer meager continental breakfasts or exorbitantly priced mini bars, B&Bs offer lavish meals. Feast on fruit, waffles, pancakes, French toast, quiche, eggs, muffins, and much, much more.

Amenities- Don’t worry about having to pay extras for what should be included for free! While many hotels charge for Wi-Fi, extra TV channels, snacks and drinks, you’ll find that these amenities are automatically included in your B&B getaway.

Innkeepers- Sure, the hotel staff may be friendly, but do they go out of their way to make sure you are at the height of comfort? Innkeepers care about your experience and will make sure to treat you with the utmost hospitality.

Unique Experiences- Unlike hotel chains, every B&B is different just as every innkeeper is different. You’ll never have the same experience twice at a B&B, and that allows for a sense of newness and adventure. – See more at: by Social Inns

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